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Hey everyone. Um, with the "Movies for Boobies" charity program closely coming, I want to remind all of you to attend and schedule those free mammograms and exams. Remember, it's the clinic downtown, women 18 years and older, throughout the whole month. Go ahead and get checked.

Monday-Friday: 9AM-9PM
Saturdays: 8AM-10PM

It's free. Might as well make sure you don't have anything that you're not aware of, in case you regret it one day. The earlier is caught, the better. And...yeah. Oh. Zidane made it a point of bothering your life and dragging you to the clinics until you do it. If you already had the test, you're lucky - inform any one of us and you're safe from seeing his face outside your window or something.

...anyway, hope your classes are going well guys.
Um, I don't usually use social networking, but I was advised that it was a good idea to get to know others who will be taking classes with me, especially for assignments, by the Dean...who's a mouse. Anyway, my name is Roxas. So far, I'm here for a summer class to start off my freshman year, as I'll be taking Business. Not sure who I'll be dorming with yet. Hopefully, it'll be with my good friend who's here.

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